“What just happened?”

Those were my words a few days ago when I was starting to look at log files on my site. Some weird posts were being crawled by Googlebot that I definitely did not write. Trying to get to my admin environment in WordPress brought about Malware warnings.

I downloaded a theme a few weeks back, added it to my site and put up an under construction message. I’ve done that before, and thought it’d work just fine. Little did I know of all the sample pages and blog posts that came along!

So today, September 25th, I am starting fresh and investing my time in this website once again. Bit by bit, I will start optimizing and reviewing things on my website and sharing what I learned. My goal is that through this process, others will learn more about SEO like I have – through screwing up on their own website.

I have re-installed WordPress on my site. Next up, I’m going to re-add my Google Analytics and re-verify with Search Console. I have my log files being sent to Logflare so I’ll be interested to see how quickly the search engine crawlers pick up this new information. I’ll keep you posted!

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